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3 axis Router/Milling CNC control system - NK300B

3 axis Router/Milling CNC control system - NK300B
Product Detailed

1. Standard 16 I/O ports
2. Possess the functions of breakpoint resume, backlash compensation
3.Adopt 10.4 LCD of 24-bit color

Integrated motion controller NK300B

System Disk Write-protection Function

Control system is capable of anti-virus self-detection to prevent virus attack.

Machining Track Three-dimensional Simulation

The system simulates the machining track from various orientations with multiple colors, predicts the machining time, shows the machining status visually and predicts the machining outcome accurately.

PLC Available

The system uses PLC to control input and output ports.

Multiple Compensation Functions Available

1) Lead screw error compensation: lead screw error includes screw pitch error and backlash error. Screw pitch error is caused by multiple factors, such as technical defects in the manufacturing of lead screw and wear due to long-time use.

2) Backlash compensation: due to the existence of backlash, lag phenomenon will occur in axial movement. When demand on precision is high, backlash compensation becomes necessary.

3)Across quadrant compensation: during circular motion of the machine tool, at the transition part between two quadrants, serious distortion will occur, generally shown as a sharp angle.

4) Tool compensation: it compensates the errors occurred in machining as a result of tool wear.

Auto/Manual Centering Function Available

By recording the coordinates of workpiece’s two ends in X/Y direction, the system can work out the coordinates of the midpoint on the workpiece in X/Y direction automatically.

Manual Real-time Setting of Lead Screw Error Compensation

User can self-define the compensation value of each axis according to the actual situation. Simply by inputting the position of the starting point, the interval distance and the number of points to be measured, a compensation table will be generated. The system will execute compensation in accordance with the values specified in the table.

Network Interface Available, Supporting Read- and Write Functions of USB Flash Disk

The system supports TCP/IP protocol and automatic assignment of IP address.

Supporting Multiple Coordinate System Expansion

On the basis of the preset G-54-G59 coordinate systems, the system supports expanding G54 coordinate to G54P1-G54P119. With as many as 120 offset coordinate systems available, multi-workpiece machining becomes much easier.

Handwheel Guide

Under handwheel guide mode, turning the handwheel in the positive direction will lead to the positive processing of tool path, and vice versa.

Block Skip Function Available

User can self-define the machining block.

Supporting Multiple Tool Magazines

The system supports multi-drill and multiple tool magazines such as circular tool magazine, tower tool magazine and linear tool magazine. It is also available of customized programming on PLC procedure, meeting the requirement of special tool magazine.

Abundant Diagnosis Functions Available

User can know the current machining status and I/O port information accurately by the comprehensive use of the multiple diagnosis modes to effectively solve any abnormal condition in system, ensuring that system runs smoothly.

Multiple Models and Multiple Configurations Available

NK300A: three-axis synchronized motio

NK300B: three-axis synchronized motion

NK320: four-axis synchronized motion

NK322: double-Z Alternative motion

NK326: double-Z driving motion

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